ABBYY Solutions for Healthcare Automation

Optimize revenue cycle management and document processing.

Today’s circumstances make it more necessary than ever for healthcare providers to smartly manage revenue, optimize utilization, and reduce costs across their care continuum. ABBYY’s solutions help organizations to first fully understand their processes to identify areas for improvement, and then strategically automate the flow of content.

Reduce costs and improve quality of service

  • Increase business efficiency
  • Increase data quality
  • Reduce expenses
  • Improve patient care
  • Expedite patient processes
  • Improve revenue cycle

Intelligent Automation for Healthcare


Get more value out of the process-related data that you already have. See what ABBYY technology can unlock for your organization.

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Usage scenarios

Update healthcare processes for a better patient experience.

03A Healthcare Cases Process

Process Intelligence

Access end-to-end visibility of your processes using data from various back-end systems, so you can identify inefficiencies, correct bottlenecks, and even predict future outcomes. ABBYY Timeline is a cloud-based platform that delivers continual operational insight to healthcare providers.

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03B Healthcare Cases Registration

Patient registration

Streamline the process of collecting, entering, and verifying patient and insurance data with OCR, data capture, and classification technologies. Combine the convenience of scanning with labor-saving tools that identify document types, extract data, and link them to the correct patient records.

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03C Healthcare Cases Records

Patient records

Integrate paper and images from existing patient records, new patient information, and current health information into new EHR workflows without disrupting your processes or compromising patient care standards.

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03D Healthcare Cases Revenue

Revenue cycle management

Optimize revenue management functions to provide better patient experiences and mitigate risks. Process Intelligence enables enterprise-wide process control, giving you the insight to continuously improve.

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03E Healthcare Cases Billing

Claims and billing

Process claim forms more accurately and cost efficiently with advanced data capture technology to automate the capture of information from paper and digital medical forms. Automatic validation ensures accurate data is delivered for billing.

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03D Finance Cases Unstructured Documents

Accounts receivable and EOB processing

ABBYY solutions for healthcare automate the capture of EOB and remittance advices – helping providers to recognize revenue sooner and avoid write-offs.

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03G Healthcare Cases Survey

Patient satisfaction surveys

Avoid slow, inefficient, and inaccurate data collection by automating the entire HCAHPS survey processing workflow. From scanning of patient surveys and data extraction to automatic validation and verification of data, time-consuming and error-prone manual processes are eliminated.

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01D Cases 4 Loan

Financial process automation

ABBYY helps streamline the processing of invoices and other financial documents with automated document capture, recognition, field extraction, and validation of data, delivered directly to organizations’ ERP, RPA, and ECM systems.

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05G Healthcare Technologies

SDKs for healthcare software providers

Add value to your healthcare IT Solutions by integrating OCR and data capture technology.

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Looking to automate document processes in Healthcare?

We have a skill for that.

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Enhance Patient Engagement in Telehealth Sessions


With easy-to-fill check boxes indicating whether your current practices are “Good” or “Need to do better,” this checklist offers 13 insightful questions that shed light on potential opportunities for improvement.

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How ABBYY Technology Is Being Used to Track and Report the COVID-19 Vaccines

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Improve Revenue Cycle Processes with Key Technology Investments: 5 Thoughts


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Transforming Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management


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Customer stories

11B FDA Cover2 362X198

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration utilized ABBYY Content Intelligence to quickly and accurately process paper and electronic documents.

Content capture

Document processing

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Nobly extends its electronic medical record (EMR) system by integrating automatic document classification component.

Document classification

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3M Customer Story 362X198

3M, the global science company, integrated ABBYY technology into its Health Information Systems to classify doctor’s letters, clinical findings and treatments and make them accessible for data-based coding.

Document classification

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